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EGGA is a voluntary union of people wishing to improve the life and health of the elderly. The association was created in 1997. As of January 1st 2020 EGGA has 74 members.

EGGA members include people working with the elderly (medical doctors, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, nurse helpers, care workers, managers of care institutions), representatives of pensioners, those taking care of sick family members, and the elderly themselves.


The main goal of EGGA is to update the knowledge of people working with the elderly and the whole society concerning normal ageing, possibilities of improving the life quality of the elderly needing help, and helping family members of the elderly.  Interdisciplinary approach to elderly care is a leading principle for EGGA.


EGGA offers training in geriatrics and gerontology to medical doctors, nurses, social workers, and others.


EGGA activities include regular information days and conferences four times a year. EGGA events are often open to the public.


Several publications about ageing and problems of the elderly in Estonia have been published. Some of them are available for download from our website.


EGGA members participate actively in the development of politics for the elderly and geriatric and nursing care in Estonia. Experts of EGGA have created and/or introduced several methods for assessment of needs in care-dependent persons and quality standards in long-term care.


EGGA has lead surveys of health, coping and quality of life of Estonian older population. During the past years EGGA has participated in international research projects.


EGGA includes two departments:  Society of Nursing Care Providers and Estonian Society of Geriatrics


EGGA is a member of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and European Union Geriatric Medicine Society.


You can apply for EGGA membership by personal application. Foreign members, supporting members, and members of honour can be either persons or organizations.


Members of EGGA keep in mind our guiding principle:


Each one of us can do something for the successful ageing of our attendants and ourselves, but together we can do much more!


Kai Saks

Board member