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Past events:


21st Nordic Congress of Gerontology

June 10-13, 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

International conference ISG*ISARC2012

June 27-26, 2012, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

8th Congress of the EUGMS "Clinical aspects of Longevity"

September 26-28, 2012, Brussels, Belgium

21st Alzheimer Europe Conference

October 6-8, Warsaw, Poland


EUGMS Congress 2011


September 28-30, Malaga, Spain

3rd International SHARE User Conference (SHARE project web-page www.share-project.org/sharelife)

September 1-2, 2011, Tallinn, Estonia

VII European Congress IAGG - Healthy and active ageing for all Europeans "II"

April 14-17, 2011, Bologna, Italy

1st Asia Pacific Conference "Dignity and Grace in Ageing"

March 24-26, 2011, Singapore

InterRAI multidisciplinay conference. Tallinn, June 16th, 2010


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Schedule in english


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